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    Welcome to the fastest growing Pug site on the Internet. What makes this site so unique is that it is owned and operated by so many wonderful people and not by any one person. With all of the new and exciting ideas that are being planned for Pug Stories, this site will be informative for the new Pug owners and fun for any Pug owner.

    Pug Stories is in the process of remodeling.  Please excuse any mess we make while making changes to make this site better.

      Other ideas include a Responsible Breeders Center for people interested in breeding Pugs. Breeding is not as easy as many would think and this center will help those understand just what it takes to be a responsible breeder and the costs involved that many are not aware of.

    In these ideas will be a Pug Rescue listings with advice and tips from some of the best Rescues in the United States.   This will give people a better understanding of what it takes to love and care for a Rescue Pug.

    Pug Stories will also contain articles about some of our Pugs that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and stories about the Pugs we have with us now.  There is a Forum that you can post a question or just get together with other Pug owners and share your experiences

    And of course, we have a chatroom that we meet in every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 PM (PST).  And be sure to browse through the photo albums of some of the other Pugs that are on Pug Stories.

Above all...  have fun and get to know others that share a common interest.